Hall’s Cottage History

Want to get a feel for life in the Peel region at the time of our pioneers?

Just take a visit to Hall’s Cottage at Leighton Place in Halls Head. This original limestone cottage was built by Henry Edward Hall in 1833. Hall was the first person to develop a fishing industry in the Mandurah district. This whitewashed stone, shingle-roofed cottage is also one of the first dwellings in the state and is now a museum of local history.

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A Checkered Past …

The original Hall's Cottage
The original Hall’s Cottage

Over the years several different families leased or lived in the house.  Hall called the cottage Dedallumup and lived in it until 1836. Later it was leased to Thomas Watson, an original pioneer-surveyor. He was also the first mail contractor and ferry keeper.

In 1843 John and Eleanor Sutton rented a small block of Henry E. Hall’s property and occupied the cottage. John Sutton spent money on improvements to Hall’s Cottage for the accommodation of travellers. He applied for a free publican’s licence for a ‘house of entertainment’ which he wished to open.




Hall’s Cottage as it looks today